3 Of the Best Reasons to Attend Tai Chi Classes

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3 Of the Best Reasons to Attend Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi classes and yoga classes share many of the same benefits. They come from different backgrounds, but both are an art form that use all of the body and the mind to work together in a thoughtful manner. The main difference between tai chi classes and yoga classes is that you will not find yourself contorting into different positions. To put it simply tai chi classes are more like a learning a dance.

Here are the three top reasons that people attend tai chi classes today.

      • Tai chi classes will help you to stay in shape and keep strong.

        Tai chi is a form of martial arts. While you are not engaged in fighting anyone while taking tai chi classes, you are using different part for your body to complete the moves the instructor is telling you to. Each instructor will have their own style, and there are classes designed for helping with different ailments such as back pain, arthritis, diabetes, and even energy. The idea of tai chi is to move energy around in your body as a force. Moving the energy helps to cleanse it and open up pathways between meridian points. This is similar to some of the basics behind acupuncture. Acupuncture sessions and tai chi classes are not the same, but classes can be designed to work with different energy flow pathways. During tai chi classes you will burn calories and strengthen muscles that you would not use otherwise.

      • Improved Mobility

        ○ People that take tai chi classes have reported improved overall mobility. This occurs for a few different reasons. During class, you are forced to connect your body and make it work together to copy the flowing movement of the instructor. As with yoga, this is a type of body and mind meditation, where you are fully concentrating on the actions of your body so that you can attain the most benefits. Doing this allows you to recreate, or reinforce connections in your brain that control motor movement throughout the body. Strengthening these connections on a regular basis gives your the boy the ability to move more freely and with less overall thought than before. Tai chi classes can be great for stroke or brain injury patients to help them gain full mobility of body parts once again.

      • Improved body and mind awareness.

        ○ Taking tai chi classes will improve your overall awareness of yourself. For example, let’s say you are hungry right now. All you think is, “I am hungry,” so you immediately react by going to the closest place that has food. With increased awareness, you will be able to anticipate food cravings and needs and make better choices for yourself other than running to the fast food joint across the street. Improved awareness can also lead to happier overall living since you are no longer just reactionary, you have the wherewithal to dive into situations and get a better understanding of how the other person is feeling, rather than just yelling at them because you are displeased.

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    Tai chi classes offer a number of benefits for people that take them, and they are sometimes easier for people to follow than other Eastern art forms. Contact East West Healing Solutions for tai chi Palm Harbor and schedule a class on tai chi & qui gong.

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