7 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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7 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is lymphatic drainage therapy and how does it benefit your health?

Lymphatic drainage therapy, in all simplicity, means stimulating the flow of your lymph. Lymph is the fluid that works side by side with blood in transporting oxygen, nutrients, and your body’s natural soldiers, the white blood cells.

For nearly a century now, lymphatic massages have been used for healing and relaxation, and wellness and beauty. The massages involve gentle circular movements which encourage the flow of lymph around the body.

In a nutshell, you can consider a lymphatic drainage therapy if you:

  • Seek to ward off infections
  • Want quicker healing and recovery from the common cold and flu
  • Want something to supplement your weight loss regimen
  • Are looking to get rid of stretch marks, acne and scar tissue
  • Want relaxation after a hard day or gym session
  • Seek relief from migraines and arthritis pain
  • Are having trouble breastfeeding your newborn

Enhancing your immunity

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a non-medical yet scientifically proven technique to strengthen your immune system. The massage ensures that the white blood cells and lymphocytes, which fight off viruses and bacteria, can flow freely throughout your body.

A regular visit to your expert masseur may, therefore, help to ensure that you put up well to the threat of illnesses, including the common cold.

Healing and recovery

You have dedicated lymphatic vessels in your body, just like you have blood vessels. These ducts traverse all over your body and then rejoin with your blood circulatory system. What happens after an illness, injury, or surgery is that the network of lymphatic vessels becomes congested and even overrun. Lymph fluid then builds up, and this is often asymptomatic with fatigue, joint pain, and nausea.

A lymphatic system massage by the hands of an expert practitioner can help to re-excite the flow of lymph. As a result, your healing and recovery happen faster. The lymphatic drainage massage additionally helps to reduce water retention and swelling after surgery.

Weight loss

Weight loss is caused by a myriad of factors, many of which can be solved by lymphatic drainage therapy. The massage healing services, in this case, focus on:

  • Reducing anxiety which then cancels the weight gain effect of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Promoting the right mental state
  • Loosening tight muscles for peak physical performance
  • Reducing flatulence


Many healing instructors in Florida confirm the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage massage in beauty and skincare. This wellness activity softens away scars and acne and expedites the healing of wounds and the symptoms of eczema. The Aryuvedic treatment is effective for beauty because the flow of the lymphatic system, once boosted, effectively carries away waste and toxins.

Relaxation and sleep

Note that lymphatic drainage therapy can only be performed by trained personnel. It involves complex techniques that may not be clear to every other masseur. However, the relaxation benefits of this type of massage are just as fantastic as with the standard massages. This kind of massage is done very slowly and gently. It can help you relax and sleep better after a workout or a tiring day.

Pain relief

The slow and light movements in a lymphatic massage can soothe headaches, lower back pain, and even arthritis-related pain. The techniques used in this wellness endeavor minimize the pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

How does the lymphatic massage help to reduce pain?

  • By relaxing painful muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • It unclogs blocked and swollen lymph vessels
  • It involves slight pressure that helps with relief
  • By stopping the pain signals to and from the brain

Enhances breastfeeding

Your child needs breast milk for healthy development. Breast milk contains the necessary antibodies and nutrients that are critical at a young age. Unfortunately, not many women get to breastfeed their babies for the recommended period for various reasons, including pain, soreness in the nipples, and reduced flow. The lymphatic massage can help nursing mothers breastfeed with ease and comfort.

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The lymphatic system plays critical roles in our bodies. You can help strengthen its functions with regular lymphatic system massages. Remember also to stay hydrated and take care of your overall health and nutrition to keep this system working correctly.

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