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Life/Teen Coaching

Life/Teen Coaching

Prioritize Yourself with your own personal motivator, strategist and accountability partner. Find Fulfillment and boost your brilliance in 3 easy steps

  • Insight
  • Inspiration
  • Implementation

Embrace your essence, Disengage from drama, eliminate your inner critic, sharpen your focus and transform stress to grace.

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Robin LavitchRobin Lavitch MA, CPC

Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC, is the founder of Surpass Your Goals, a coaching practice for entrepreneurs, executives, tweens, school administrators, and more. Robin is an expert in communicating with different personality styles, interpreting body language, and detecting deception for persuasion. Her capacity to connect with audiences, elicit thought-provoking ideas and clarify personal ambitions prepares people to apply that knowledge instantaneously to accelerate their own results in leadership, sales, and time management.