Common Yoga Injuries You Can Avoid in a Yoga Class

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Common Yoga Injuries You Can Avoid in a Yoga Class

How to avoid common yoga injuries.

Some yoga practitioners find a safe and natural flow, but many others get caught up in competition and aggressiveness. Yoga injuries are so common that in 2010 they made up 7,369 of all emergency room visits in the US. New beginners are at the highest risk of common yoga injuries.

Wrist and arm pain

Wrist and arm injuries are common with yoga routines such as planks, side planks, and downward-facing dogs. There is a big chance of developing wrist pain if these routines are done incorrectly. Credible yoga studios will have caring instructors that are willing to teach you the A-Z of these movements.

The healing instructors will show you how to spread your fingers on the mat to offset the pressure on your wrist. Arm balances need yoga practitioners to be present and mindful of their wrist alignment. Here are additional tips to avoid these common yoga injuries in yoga classes:

  • Warm-up first before getting into arm balances
  • Make fists with your hands such that your weight goes to your knuckles and not the wrists
  • Shoulders shouldn’t be in straight alignment with your wrists
  • Modify your poses till you develop sufficient strength in your wrist and arms

Lower back pain

Do you think about your lower back when doing the half-moon and warrior III?

Perhaps you are new to the fitness and mindfulness art, and you are thinking ‘no pain, no gain.’ Well, that line of thinking is wrong through and through, even if this were a gym session. When you notice pain in your lower back in any yoga routine, stop, ask questions and re-examine what you did wrong.

Avoid rounding your spine in downward dog and forward folds. Keep your legs straight and spread out your toes. Doing this takes pressure away from the joints that support the spine around the pelvic region.

Other ways to safeguard your back when doing yoga

  • Take deep breaths and slow down during twists
  • Engage your abdominal muscles for added stability
  • Decompress the lower back in forwarding folds by bending your knees
  • Listen to your body and respect your limits

Hamstring tears

Yoga poses such as forward folds, and bound angle pose may be too hard for first timers. Aggressively approaching these poses with your weak and tight hamstring is a recipe for disaster. You will become flexible in time, but first, you need to build strength in your legs.

Do not force uncomfortable movements; remember that less stretching is better and safer. Seek for more alignment and control when you do your poses.

Neck injuries

Shoulder stands, headstands, fish poses—these yoga routines that carry the highest risk for neck-related yoga injuries. Be careful. Don’t put all your body weight on the top of your head when going into full wheel.

Some yoga practitioners, especially those that go into yoga classes for fitness, might be psyched up for headstands, shoulder stands and bridge poses. Don’t force yourself into anything to avoid the risk of having common yoga injuries.

Yoga and healing services should promote balance and wellness. Don’t feel the pressure to perform in your yoga class. Move at your own pace and speak up if you feel pain in any of their routines.

Knee pain

Some yogis

feel pain, tension, and discomfort in their knees in certain routines. The leading cause for that are tight hips. It’s critical to keep your knees over your ankles in all lunging postures.

In your warrior poses, avoid locking the knees out, which puts your joints at risk. In your revolved triangle pose, do not hyper-extend your legs. Your thighs should be straightly aligned with your knees in the camel pose. Most importantly, ensure that your resting knee is cushioned correctly in all the poses.

The takeaway

Yoga is all about healing and mind-body balance. No routine should force you into pain or strain. Find the right yoga class with an instructor that understands the full yoga principles. Remember to take care of your health and nutrition too to unlock true healing.

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