Yoga May Lower Anxiety – Discover how!

//Yoga May Lower Anxiety – Discover how!

Yoga May Lower Anxiety – Discover how!

We have identified 5 ways yoga may lower anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety, you may experience muscular tension, nausea, sweating, and other unpleasant physiological symptoms. Since anxiety can also impact your mind, causing excessive concern, worry, and racing thoughts, it makes it difficult to concentrate. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may want to turn to yoga to help reduce and alleviate them.


Yoga may lower anxiety through…


Shallow breathing is a common symptom of anxiety, and it can intensify your stress by making you feel dizzy. Yoga teaches you to quickly identify when you begin to take shallow breaths and how to practice deep, slow, and controlled breathing. The practice of deep breathing helps to calm the body and mind.



Through the practice of meditation, you will discover how to stop your mind from racing, control your thoughts, and become more present. This can help to keep anxiety at bay.



Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones – a natural antidepressant that can improve your mood and reduce anxiety and are released during exercise, including yoga.


Muscle Tension

A common side effect of anxiety is muscle tension in the back, neck, and shoulders due to clenching and involuntary tightening. Yoga can help to lengthen and stretch these muscles, relieving pain and soreness.


Worry Cycles

Because anxiety can cause us to get into our heads, it causes us to overthink and ruminate about a certain situation, memory, or concern. Practicing yoga can help to interrupt these thought cycles through breathing exercises, concentrating on poses, and meditation.


Yoga has many health benefits and is an exercise anyone can do as there are many modifications to help support any fitness level. This can be especially helpful if you experience anxiety as yoga may lower anxiety. If you are interested in exploring how yoga can positively impact you, visit our yoga studio conveniently located in The Fountains in Palm Harbor, Florida. See our full class schedule by following this link: Don’t forget to check out our East West Healing Solutions Store for natural healing products by following this LINK.

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